Minor Dental Adjustments Make a Big Difference

It’s often said that it’s the little things in life that make a big difference: A smile, opening a door, or saying please or thank you can make the world a better place. The same is true of dentistry. Sometimes, small adjustments after dental treatments can make a huge difference in both comfort and appearance.

The most common dental service that will often require adjustments are dentures. After dentures are delivered, they can often cause some sore spots on the gum. This does not mean that the dentist didn’t do a good job or that the dentures will never fit properly. It’s just that in most cases, it will take a few visits and some minor adjustments to make the dentures comfortable.

The same is true of dental crowns (caps) and dental fillings, although it is usually much less common. It is good to remember that when a tooth is numb, it may be hard for a person to judge whether their “bite” feels right. But if a filling or crown is left only a tiny bit too high, it can cause major problems and feel very uncomfortable in the mouth. In most cases, your dentist can make a minor adjustment to the tooth, and in seconds, everything will feel normal again. I should also add that when any dental procedure is done, you should always tell your dentist if the tooth or teeth feel normal when you close down and shift your teeth from side to side. If you can feel what was done, it may need to be shaved down a bit more. Please do not think that it will wear down over time or you’ll get used to it. In most cases, dental fillings, crowns and dentures do not wear down, but should be properly adjusted as soon as possible.

Minor adjustments can also have a big impact on the appearance of certain dental treatment. White fillings that are stained can be cleaned, refinished and polished to restore their previous luster. Crowns, veneers, dentures and even teeth can be gently shaped to improve their appearance and contour.

Some people tend to get quickly discouraged if a dental procedure doesn’t feel quite right. Just remember that it’s the little things — like a little adjustment — that can make a big difference.

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